These are the most common questions! If you don't see them here, then shoot us an email!

What kinds of memberships to you have?

We have three main memberships!

  1. On-The-Go - you have access to a desk or work area, internet service and lounge amenities.
  2. Dedicated Desk - you can leave your stuff on the desk and come and go as you please. Plus, you have internet access and lounge amenities.
  3. Dedicated Office - If you need a locked door, this one's for you! You have a private office, internet access and lounge amenities. Limited space is available!

I'm only in town for a day or two, can I still use the space?

You bet! We have flexible terms that will fit your budget. Make sure to contact us to make arrangements!

When can I come into the office?

All members have 24 x 7 access.

Do you have contracts?

We do but nothing that locks you in forever! We just like to cover our bases to make sure you don't have post-concert rock star parties at our facility.