Living in a town such as Middleville has a lot of perks. We have a beautiful river running through our downtown, we have parks, farmer’s market, great restaurants and a big helping of community spirit. Add to that the fact that Middleville is adding sizeable housing developments throughout the area and you have a city that’s growing… fast!

With all of this growth, we’re also attracting young professionals who want to do something exciting; launch their dream business! We understand the challenges of building your dreams at the kitchen table and decided that what Middleville really needs is a space to foster creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship. At that moment, Mix Coworking Studio became a three year journey.

This amazing space has been part of the city epicenter since the late 1800’s and has transformed over the years from a furniture builder to a hardware store to a VFW post to a Masonic Temple. Now, this structure has become Mix Coworking Studio.  A place where you share ideas, space and success with other members. We welcome you!

Meet our Founders

Renee Smith - Founder

Renee Smith

President and Founder

Renee's vision to bring affordable, comfortable office space to Middleville, Michigan is the foundation of Mix CoWorking Studio's success.

Kevin Smith Portrait

Kevin Smith

Membership Services

Kevin serves as the community manager for miX where he oversees memberships,  community relations and marketing.

Join us!

The first step to getting you off of the kitchen table and into Mix is to get ahold of us.